Ausmerican Thanksgiving

Well Thanksgiving down under has come and gone. I was pretty sad thinking about the fact that I wouldn’t be with my family this year. Every year since I started college I would either go home to Miami and spend it with my parents brother and grandparents or drive to Macon and spend it with my cousins. I was extremely lucky to be able to share this day with family for 22 years. This year in the 23rd year of my life I am thousands of miles away.



I have always known God blessed me with a really amazing family. We are all so close and I loves when the whole Thompson clan would get together on special holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas but this year was different.


Of course there is the fact that in Australia they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving I mean the pilgrims didn’t make it all the way down here DUH! I wS feeling especially sad knowing my family would all be together in California. So I decided to make a traditional American Thanksgiving meal for my friends here and make all my favorite Thanksgiving treats.


The prep started at lunch and I got the sweet potato casserole and pecan pie made! I had an excellent helper in Alex because he cooked and mashed the potatoes the night before for me. When I got off work Thursday I headed over to finish all the cooking. When I got to his place all the mashed potatoes were ready as well. We were on a strict time schedule since his oven is really tiny. I left Alex in charge of the turkey. While we did that I was making the garlic green beans and turkey stuffing.


I met two North American girls on an Au Pair website I joined when I moved here and invited them. Alex invited two of his good friends. So here we were having a very Ausmerican thanksgiving. The girls brought a roasted leg of lamb and rolls and two bottles of wine. We finally sat down around 8:45 for dinner and it was great. We went around the table and said what we were thankful for this year. I had a bit of home here in Australia. Sitting around a table eating good food and being around people you care about. It may not have been a typical thanksgiving for me but it was the first of many I suspect where I do most of the cooking. It was fun.



I am so thankful for the experience I’ve had over here so far, for my new surrogate family and the two little ones I get to see everyday, for new friends, for Alex, for this beautiful country! The only thing to make this thanksgiving better would be having my family here. I am so looking forward to my parents coming in December! It’s so close I am getting more excited by the second!




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