Lions and Tigers and Roos OH MY!

So on Monday I got to go to the famous Taronga Zoo! Sitting on top of a pretty amazing spot overlooking the Sydney Harbor. The kids of course were so excited they could barely stop talking on the way to the zoo which is about a 35-40 minute drive from home. The view from the zoo of the city was well worth the drive and the animals as always were gorgeous.


In the car I asked the kids what their favorite animals at the zoo were. Sacha who is a girl after my own heart loves the giraffes. Cooper has some interesting logic because he said “I like sharks because they are friendly” then when I told him no sharks would be at the zoo he changed his mind to “lions because they are friendly” hmmm think we have different definitions of friendly. When we walked through the front gates we saw on the big video screen a lion catching it’s prey and sinking it’s teeth into the neck. It was just a friendly bite though I’m sure.




I haven’t been to the zoo in years. I think the last time I went was 6th grade for a field trip when my mom was my science teacher. This zoo is massive and we didn’t see even half of the animals and where there for over 4 hours. Going with four kids under the age of 5 isn’t easy but I had two helpers so we had a fantastic day.




The kids were so well behaved I was really proud of them. They loved looking at all the animals and even got to touch a really big snake, Cooper was elated and Sacha will never own a snake I’m sure of it.




I don’t think you can ever get old enough for the zoo. Although I do think I will take my parents and have a completely different experience. No chasing after kids and lifting them to see the animals in their cage. Maybe I’ll have my dad lift me up you know for old times sake. Hey dad “can I take it home?”

Always adventuring-




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