I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. Not because I have stopped doing new and exciting things but because I have been so busy so I wanted to catch everyone up on what’s been going on lately as my title says.

So I’ve mostly just been working, watching the kiddos, taking them to the park, to soccer, to swimming, to this and that. Let me tell you if I was wondering weather or not I was ready for kids at 23, which I wasn’t, this job has definitely confirmed that I am definitely loving having kids only part time. They are a handful as all kids under the age of 5 seem to be. It’s been so fun to watch them pick up on some of my habits like saying excuse me when they are interrupting adult conversation. 10 points Abby!


In other BIG news Sacha turned the very adult age of 3 which means she is now asking the why question after everything I say. Let’s put on your shoes Sacha. Why? Because we are going outside. Why? Because it’s time to go to soccer. Why? Because mom and dad signed you up for it. Why? Because it’s good exercise. Why? Listen little one some questions are better left unanswered. Like why she can’t come into the bathroom when I’m using it. She did however have no questions on her Tinkerbell birthday party day. She was too busy filling her mouth with fairy bread (an Australian party must! White bread with butter and sprinkles), Lollies, and Tinkerbell cake.



She had a really great birthday weekend filled with water parks sushi and lots of sweets. But alas the fun was not to last. Tuesday both kids came down with a stomach bug and I was on all day barf duty. Yum. Not to be shown up Carl and I also got the bug but not until Sunday. It was not a fun time although I may be able to fit into my size 2 jeans again…well maybe that’s a bit of wishful thinking.



Oh and Sacha also got her first mani pedi! What a lucky little 3 year old!!!

Can’t believe I’m already on to month there’s of my Australian adventure. I am absolutely loving it over here!

More to come!


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