Lately I have been getting a lot of questions from friends and family about a particular man who has recently come into my life. I guess since we have been seeing each other for a little over a month now I can address this topic more openly. So here it goes, for all of you who are wondering who this Aussie boyfriend of mine is.

So Alex and I met the second week I arrived in Sydney, right after I returned from our holiday in Fiji. I am the kind of person who likes to hit the ground running not only in my job but in my life. It didn’t make much sense to me to merely hang around the house here in Sydney and not explore and meet interesting people. Little did I know that this one interesting person I met would stick around.

So the first time we really hung out was with a group at the shopping center near the house I am living at. For some reason this dark and mysterious guy kept catching my eye and I guess I caught his because after dinner he asked me to get coffee. So there we sat in this little coffee shop, I drank a hot chocolate (it was really cold this night) and he had a single (and very girly) macaroon. We talked for such a long time and laughed and I had a blast. Well you could say he was “keen” because he got my number and asked me to hang out again that very weekend to watch the rugby match.


So Saturday we watched the rugby match and Sunday came around and who was texting me to go to dinner? Alex. So we went on our second official date. We ate sushi which just so happens to be one of my very favorite things to eat. Thankfully Sacha also feels this way so we have sushi A LOT around this house.

Throughout the week we talked and text and saw that we have many things in common, quite a few actually. So as the weekend drew nearer and the work week trickled down I found myself anticipating the invite for another date. Well he definitely delivered. Friday night he took me to my first rugby match to watch at Sydney Olympic Park. It was such a fun experience but I totally wore the wrong team colors according to Alex. Going home that night I kind of knew this guy would be pretty special. The family I live with could tell too.


On Saturday morning I got a text asking me to go out for drinks and meet some of his friends at this really cool pub called the Argyle. Can’t say I wasn’t nervous to meet them because I wanted them to like me because we all know the friends approval is pretty vital. Thankfully I got on really well with his friends and we had a blast.


On Sunday morning I got a text from Alex asking me to go to the beach. So ya I would say he was definitely keen and his friends thought I was cool enough to warrant my THIRD consecutive date that weekend. He not only took me to a gorgeous beach but to Church and his friend’s house as well. It was a really perfect day. Needless to say there have been quite a few dates since then, including a gorgeous concert at the Sydney Opera House to listen to Ludovico. My poor father is pretty broken up over the fact that I have found an Australian man. His direct instructions were for me to “NOT TALK TO ANY AUSTRALIAN MEN”.


I am quite smitten with this half Aussie half Greek dude that I have found over here. Pretty excited to see what the future will hold. I am going up to Brisbane where he is from to meet his family for Christmas and then he will meet my mom and dad when they come at the end of December. I am extremely happy to have found a man who truly cares for me and takes care of me so well. My surrogate family have all met him and have given their seal of approval, and the kids just think he is the coolest person to have walked in this house…well since my arrival. As I have told Alex my family is pretty particular about the boys I date and have NO issues telling me so. To quote my brothers “it’s not real until we meet him” but it makes it more difficult when I live half way around the world. So Skype may have to do. So that’s all for now…. but I will definitely keep everyone posted.

Happy Happy Girl-


2 thoughts on “Alex

  1. Dear Sweet Abby,
    I love reading all about your adventures down under. I love reading about this handsome man. I (we) LOVE YOU, and seeing you so happy.
    Love, love & miss you!!
    Anna, (David , Jed & Henry)

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