Wine Tasting in Hunter Valley

I went for my first wine tasting experience back in March visiting my older brother Matt in California, he took me to Napa. I will say that place is hard to beat and I really do love California wines. This past weekend though I had my first wine tasting experience here in Australia. I went for my host mums youngest sisters birthday. She rented out a house and two villas for the festivities. Friday afternoon Marnie and I drove up the 2 hours north from Sydney to Hunter Valley.


We got in around 9 and the festivities were already in full swing. Game meat provided by Marnie, things like crocodile filets, wild boar, and kangaroo. We arrived too late so the only thing that was left for me to taste was the croc. It was good. After a very sleepless night… I was bunked with a married couple and the husband snored so loudly I couldn’t sleep a wink. I tried putting the ear plugs I had for emergencies in and that didn’t help the situation at all. So around 8 o’clock we all got up to eat breakfast and get ready for a day of wine tasting.


I personally favor red wines to white but this day we sampled far more white than red. To me all the white wines tasted like juice made for kids. Really sweet. Especially the sparkling selections. Those reminded me of New Years Eve when my parents gave me sparkling grape juice. The red were far better. It was nice getting to know some new people, even though I am painfully shy (total exaggeration there) I got on with everyone. The first winery was cute but I really didn’t care for any of the wine enough to buy it.


We popped in quickly to a really modern looking winery and I tasted some pinot noir there which is my favorite. After that it was off to another where we had a booking and got to sit in a room and be told all about the wines we would be sampling. The man that was giving us our lesson was hilarious and made the experience ten times better with his old stories and sarcastic humor. I ended up buying a red wine and a white wine to share with someone special ;)


It was a gorgeous day to be out. Our last stop was for a Mexican lunch and our last tasting. Lunch was done family style and we had so much to choose from. After watching one of the party guests try the hottest hot sauce available (so hot the owner opened the bottle with a cloth and not his hands) she needed to chug milk for about half an hour poor thing, it was time for our last tasting. This particular wine maker was young and had lots of interesting ways of describing his wine and was very passionate about what he did. We tasted everything from white wine to dessert wine with gold flakes to chocolate wine.



After a good power nap in the afternoon it was time to walk down to the pub for dinner. On the way I saw my first wild kangaroo! Everyone else thinks they are pests around here but I just think they are so cute. I kinda want one for a pet haha maybe wallaby instead though. I had fish and chips for dinner and it was really yummy. I was beat though and went back fairly early but not to that dreaded snoring room. I slept on a swag…which is an aussie sleeping bag. Although I had some neck pain in the morning it was far better than getting no sleep at all. We had a really nice breakfast and coffee and it was back on the road.


Can you spot the roo?”????


Over all the two wine tasting experiences were far too different to compare but so far I still prefer the taste of the good old California wine. I hope I get to go to another wine tasting adventure here and see what other regions have to offer!

Until next time!!!!



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