Ludovico Einaudi

There are moments in life that can give you chills. For me the best kind of chills come from truly amazing music. I got to experience a multitude of chills on Monday night at the famous Sydney Opera House. A composer Ludovico Einaudi played a two hour show. Every piece of music was absolutely brilliant. The way his fingers moved across the piano with such ease made me upset with myself for not continuing piano lessons as a child. I was stubborn and HATED to practice. I was way more into things I was instantly good at.


The joy emanating from his face as he played his set was visible, especially since we were sitting in clear view of the piano. Good music doesn’t need to be loud and fast and have electro, sometimes just the simple piano is enough. He didn’t have a huge orchestra behind him either, just six other men. Two on percussion, two on cello, one on bass guitar, and one on violin and acoustic guitar. It was magnificent. The opera house was full with fans. The standing ovation he received at the end with the longest I have seen in a long time.



On my list for my time in Sydney going to a concert at the Sydney Opera House was on my list. Pretty great that I got to check it off in my first month of being over here and go with a really great person. There is a ballet coming soon and I have never been to one and I will definitely be trying to get tickets for that. This coming weekend I am going to celebrate the birthday of my host Moms youngest sister at a winery! Pictures to come!

I am enjoying every moment of being here. I miss home, my family, my friends and my baby (dog) Bentley! But I have not regret for one second making this decision. Work with the kids is fun and interesting every day. They grow up so fast and absorb so much about what is going on around them. I sure am learning heaps and trying to perfect my Aussie accent. I have found that some words are just hard…like home. They add some extra vowels that I just cant seem to put together….working on it!


Cooper definitely does not like photos like Sacha does.



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