Manly Men

So big game day weekends no longer consist of football for me. I would get funny looks for saying things like “let’s go Noles” or “C-A-N-E-S CANES”. College girls don’t swoon after the starting quarterback, although I’m sure they would if they ever met one. There are no big university rivalries. This is not to say that people here in Australia do not love sports. Friday night I watched as hundreds of die hard fans, dressed in either green and red or maroon and white, flocked to Sydney Olympic Park to cheer for their RUGBY teams.



As I walked into the stadium with my new Australian friend in tow, I was really excited to experience my first Australian sporting event. I was not disappointed…too much. For those of you who don’t really understand how rugby works I would not be the one to explain it. However I understand enough to follow, plus I just wait for people to stand are cheer around me and it makes me look like I know what’s up. I was told on the walk over that tonight I would be cheering for the Rabbitohs, the South Sydney team. Of course if I had known earlier I probably wouldn’t have worn the opposing teams colors. Oops.


It was awesome to watch as the adoring fans rooted for their teams in triumphs and yelled and booed when they faltered. I was hoping for a little more blood shed between the opposing teams but I have to say the fans were tame. They waved their teams flags and cheered. The men on the field were not as nice. Watching these guys run into each other with no pads on made me feel like maybe America is doing it wrong. What’s the true test of a man…tackling each other with full padding on or tackling with nothing but what God gave them, muscles, bones, and skin. You tell me.


It was a great night……..for Manly. They won by 10 and the disheartened Rabbitohs fans left early with sadness in their eyes. Personally I had a great time. Maybe it’s because of not having a team to really root for or maybe it was the company. I’ll keep you posted. Today as I sit here on the ferry heading into the Sydney Harbor I can’t complain. The weather is great and I’m foreign so everything is new. And as many times as I see this city I’m sure it won’t get old or less magnificent in my eyes. Until my next exploration….



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