Fairy-tales and Ferries

My first Sydney ferry experience was awesome. Down the hill and through the woods there is a ferry stop really close to where I’m living. Kissing point. Now the name suggests that some lip to lip action will be going on. Maybe at a later date that will happen (shhh don’t tell dad) but this time it was my way of getting into the city. It was chilly night and my host dad drove me to the stop. As I waited and asked how what I was supposed to do I attracted more attention than I thought. I’m still getting used to people thinking I sound foreign even though I speak English.


A view from kissing point.
A man from the Blue Mountains say down next to me and started asking about life in the US. Then proceeded to ask if I needed a tour guide through the country….sorry sir I don’t take random strangers numbers. People here are very friendly and helpful. I feel lost a lot which I know is normal but I never feel shy asking for help, and the people here are more than willing to. I hopped on the ferry and I was off. The only person on the boat for two stops. When two people joined me they over heard my talking with ferry guy as I call him. Everyone just loves to hear about America.


I got off at the circular quay stop and I was right next to the Sydney harbor bridge and the Sydney Opera House. It was my first time seeing them since I got to Australia. And I was not disappointed. I still feel like I need to pinch myself to realize that this is my new life. Ferries, iconic landmarks, mountains and driving on the opposite side of the road. I am so amazed at how much I’ve been blessed with in this experience.


I went to have drinks at the Opera Bar that’s funny enough right next to the Sydney Opera House. Even though I was chilly the pulse of the city really made it feel warm and welcoming. Sitting there drinking Australian wine over looking the water and taking it all I remember how truly lucky I’ve been to be on this adventure. The last ferry was leaving at 10:25 and I nearly missed it, having to run to have them hold it for the last lost American passenger.


After the 30 minute ride back to kissing point it was time for the long walk home. Looked a lot easier to do
on the drive down to the ferry stop. But going up hill when it’s 49 degrees and windy was no easy feat. We will see how taking the ferry with two kids under 5 goes when we go on our first zoo adventure. I can’t wait to post about that!


The view from Blues Point.

For now I’m sitting by that same ferry stop with two kids I adore. Watching them grow up this next year will be the greatest part of this adventure I’m on.

Living my current fairy-tale:



Me on the ferry nervous I’ll get off on the wrong stop!

One thought on “Fairy-tales and Ferries

  1. OK…you are not allowed to ever be at Kissing Point with anyone other than your host family or me. And no talking to any men down there…ever! Don’t make me come down there!
    I love you,

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