Meeting my New Reality

Sunday evening I met the family for the first time. They were returning from New Zealand where they had been skiing for the last 10 days. Waiting at home for them I was so anxious, every car that passed by made me jump. But then all the sudden there they were, standing in front of me, my new family.


Carlee, Sacha, Carl, Cooper


Well as my first two days as an Australian nanny have come to say that I am stressed would be an understatement. Starting a new job has its own amount of difficulty. Where does everything go, how do people like things to be done, and figuring out how you work best. Well all those things have been true, just tack on that I am in a foreign country and I don’t know anyone. Plus driving on the opposite side of the road would be challenging enough but I also have to drive a manual car. PHEW! It was a lot to take in. Being a nanny for new kids there is always the get to know me time period where they are figuring out how I work and I am watching them to see what the behavior is like so I can adjust my plan of attack. As far as my nannying style goes I am pretty strict on the kids. I like please and thank you. I really like for the kids to put things away after playing with them and going on to a new activity. But most of all I HATE whining. Its kind of a catch 22 because I know for a fact that I love to complain to my mother, she will vouch for this fact, but for some reason children whining just gets under my skin. Since I am brand new I am cutting slack because they don’t know me and ask for mom a lot when they fall down and get a bump. Trust me I find myself silently calling for mine when the day begins to feel never-ending.



All in all my first two days have gone great. In my next post I will tell you all about the driving experience that deserves its own posting. I can’t wait to be able to do a little exploring for myself when my first weekend off comes. I look forward to making some friends here and seeing the city, but for now I will pack because being a nanny is really rough sometimes…like tomorrow for me, already having to get on a plane with two children under 5. I may be able to keep my mind else where if the fussing starts because well….





we are going to Fiji.



Pictures to come from my tropical get away


One thought on “Meeting my New Reality

  1. Abby, I can’t think of a better experience. I want you to know I’m enjoying your experience and feel lucky to be along for the ride. You might want to conceded after the year to become a writer. Great job! Love judy

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