Time Traveling Travel

So I left San Francisco on Thursday September 5th and arrived in Sydney on Saturday September 7th… I had only been flying for 16 hours…where did Friday go?

While I’ve been searching for Friday my mom reminded me of something my little brother David used to say “is today tomorrow?” from now on my answer will be yes. Everyone I know in the states will be a day behind me, that only means one thing…I can tell the future. Well maybe not but I am still trying to wrap my brain around that concept.

Well first thing is first I had to say bye to beautiful California and to my brother and sister. They gave me a journal and wrote some really great advice in it. I cried while reading it on the plane making myself look not so brave and so very vulnerable, thankfully I ate a bowl full of nails after so everyone would know I was not someone to mess with.


So the first leg was 13 hours in the plane. I am not sure how long the flight to Hawaii was when i went but to my knowledge this will have been the longest flight I have ever been on. The plane was really full and I sat next to two really lovely men from New Zealand that gave me major props for moving to a different country alone. By a stroke of luck a row opened up right next to me and thanks to my two new body guards I claimed the row for Abby. Of course someone else came along and wanted to share the row and I let him. He ended up being quite entertaining because every time he fell asleep he would violently twitch. After dinner was served he twitched so hard his tray table shook and his drink fell all over his lap. On this flight we each had our own TV screen with a bunch of brand new movies, so I watched Star Trek Into Darkness while eating dinner and drinking FREE Australian Pinot Noir. After taking a NyQuil I was out for about 7 hours. I woke up just in time for breakfast and another round of twitching. I watched 1 and half more movies and I was in New Zealand. Here is the only really great picture I got of NZ as the people around here call it.


After a quick three and a half hour flight from NZ to Sydney I was officially home. I had to get through customs and grab my 3 bags that together weigh around 150 lbs (I need to switch to kg) then I was home free…after I found my driver who is the sister of the mom I am working for. She was standing outside customs with flowers and a sign that said WELCOME ABBY! Carting around that much stuff on a “trolly” was tough my muscles are sore tonight. After embarrassing myself by trying to sit in the drivers seat…oops wrong side. We were off! I am living in Putney which is really close to the city. I am excited about being close because I still need to learn to drive on the other side of the road! When we pulled into the driveway I had my first moment of letting this all sink in. This is my new home! The best surprise waiting for me was the pictures that Carlee and my mom collaborated on getting up in my room. My family!




So there is some exciting travel news from down under in Australia! Its only 7:30 pm here but I can barely keep my eyes open! Better be off to bed because tomorrow is the big day meeting the family!


my life in bags!

4 thoughts on “Time Traveling Travel

    • I wish I had gotten up to the cottage before heading over here and got to see you all! miss you all greatly I know if it hadn’t been for all of your help I wouldn’t be here! i love you all so very much! sending hugs and kisses

  1. Know you have lots of prayer support back in states even if you are a day ahead of us! We love you and pray God’s continued blessings and watch care? Can’t wait to see the family!

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